How might we prepare B2B organizations for a digital future?

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Today’s customer expectations for tailored experiences and comprehensive solutions are significantly higher than they were just a few years ago, according to Accenture.

Selling in the digital age has become more complicated than many leaders had envisioned. B2B Buyers are demanding more, expecting different solutions and methods of engagement. Purchasing teams are more fickle and less loyal—and there are more of them. The average number of people that participate in a B2B buying decision now stands at 7—yes, 7.

For B2B organizations, a lead generation engine—designed to generate qualified leads and potential customers—is a game-changer. It gathers data, informs content marketing strategy, and is the most manageable and measurable form of customer acquisition available. Building a digitally-centered culture and platform for a new generation of customer acquisition is an ongoing priority for many B2B leaders.

Driving results from click to customer

Our growth mindset pushes us to go against convention to deliver on goals. Our comprehensive B2B digital marketing strategies are designed to capture market share and transform results. From click to customer, we bring clarity to lead flow and develop a digital marketing plan to optimize our efforts throughout the funnel. By driving more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs), we work to keep your pipeline full and your sales team happy.

If you’re looking to become digitally competitive—create rapid, sustainable B2B business growth and take market share—then you’re ready to work with Mileage Design to:

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Get quality prospects

Mileage will help you drive sales-qualified leads that are interested in your product or service. Our advanced digital strategies focus on the kinds of prospects that are aligned with your brand, making customer acquisition more efficient and effective.

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Dominate organic search

Being search engine optimized remains the number one resource for B2B companies prospects conducting purchase research, and this channel should continually be optimized to actively engage your target audience who needs your solution—partner with us and leverage our search expertise —17+ years in the game.

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Fully leverage paid strategies

Through a comprehensive approach, we transform paid media into a sales driver that creates dedicated brand evangelists and boosts your bottom line. We leverage top online advertising platforms to keep your brand in front of the right eyes. Track real-time results with real-time ad performance metrics, and only spend when consumers click, call, or convert.

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Nurture relationship

Mileage—together with clients—deploys advanced email marketing strategies, landing pages, and other marketing tactics, with personalization, that build upon your relationships throughout the path to purchase. By delivering the right, quality content — blog posts, white papers, social posts — to the right contact on the correct timeline, continually replenishes the pipeline.

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Measure success accurately

Attribution and measurement can be difficult for any company, especially in the B2B and manufacturing space. Our real-time performance metrics along with google analytics, help clients uncover the benchmark for trackable progress and inform strategy moving forward.

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Integrated strategy for the entire funnel

Working with our B2B marketing specialists will help you identify areas of missed opportunity across each stage of the customer journey. We'll evaluate these areas and develop strategies to enhance your marketing efforts overall marketing program.

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