A blueprint for resurrecting a small, untrusted, mobile repair franchise

The Challenge

How might we establish and build brand equity and trust within CPR's retail environment?

The Outcome

A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, as well as a redesigned giving platform, a private dashboard for peer to peer fundraising, and a suite of brand collateral.

How does a struggling franchise brand with a robust business model appeal to a tech-savvy generation without losing trust?

Faced with growing competition, digital inadequacies, and a frustrated franchise network—now the Nation’s Largest Mobile Repair Franchise—wanted to stabilize and modernize its entire shopping experience from online through a lifetime repair warranty.

Enter, The Merrymeeting Group, along with the present-day founder of Mileage Design. In just over four years, the franchise network expanded from 135 to over 450 retail locations—positioning them to continue on to 800+. The team created a complete blueprint for the next generation of retail locations, including in-store spaces, digital quote journeys, training—new owner and technical—programs, and a revamped supply chain. The company’s brand also got a face-lift with a new color palette and brand manual.

While the team certainly updated the overall look and feel of the store, the science behind the new layout focused on a customer-centric environment meant to more efficiently accommodate higher volume customer traffic by decentralizing the points of customer interaction. The look of the store is clean and professional, and the layout is meant to funnel customers to the retail areas of the store to encourage product interest and opportunities for upselling.

Retail Design Strategy
CPR’s Legacy Store Design

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