About Mileage

Mileage is an Ohio based design company— comitted to creating positive impact.

Who we are

We are a community of designers, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and more. We are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandpas, and grandmas. Our shared values and beliefs influence the work that we do, and the impact we hope to achieve.

At Mileage, we have the chance to create the world we want to live in – one that drives us forward, one that works with us and for us. We’re energized by rethinking how things operate every day. There’s always another way to think about things, and we make it our business to find it.

What we do

We help leaders discover new possibilities through design-thinking.

We put humans first, to design, build, and launch meaningful experiences. We combine design thinking with powerful design capabilities to realize compelling solutions across a variety of challenges: digital, physical, and social.

We make sense of the most modern technologies to design services and experiences that surprise and delight the people who use them. By working in lockstep with our clients to meet customers’ needs and to exceed their always growing expectations, our craft enables businesses to transform and flourish in complex environments.

As technology advances, it rapidly changes the way people live, work, and play – and their expectations shift at an equal rate. Right at this moment, we’re talking about machine learning, voice-activated assistants, on-demand services, and self-driving cars, but innovative technologies arise all the time. Mileage Designers strive for elegant simplicity – understanding that great design is invisible. It’s difficult to achieve; still, it’s vital for focusing our minds on our users and helping us to make sense of complex environments.

Attaining sustainability in this world where technology, lifestyles, and expectations never subside, is a considerable challenge. A challenge that we wake up and tackle with urgency every day.

Project CPR Cell Phone Repair

A blueprint for resurrecting a small, untrusted, mobile repair franchise

Big Question Bill Bishilany

How might we prepare B2B organizations for a digital future?

Services Web Design & Development

Attract and convert new customers with modern, customized design work.

How we do it

We use the power of our combined capabilities (Mileage) to engage our clients’ challenges. Some clients are already flourishing and eager to expand their brand or squeeze maximum impact from new opportunities. Some want new experiences or services that they can deliver to customers quickly. Some ask us to help drive profitable growth as sales begin to flatten. Some seek to improve their customers’ experience of existing services. Others are after an innovative idea that will allow them to grow into a new category.

Whatever the challenge, we have the capabilities and experience to help. As a team with backgrounds in design, engineering, business, and other core competencies, we’re in a unique position to transform organizations on a considerable scale.

So how do we help? In three critical ways:


Learning: Research

We dedicate ourselves to understanding our clients and their world. We listen, learn, and transform design research into valuable insights and solutions.

Thinking: Design-led strategy

We drive business value by pivoting your service, product, or company, with people held firmly at the core. Through a design-led strategy, we can help to frame why it’s valuable to make such a change, who for, and how the innovation it will make money.

Making: Design

We tailor and design services and experiences that clarify the complex for consumers and internal teams, and that work across multiple points of interaction. We create or recreate services and experiences themselves, and we design how they interact with customers and your ecosystem.

Case Study Invesco Senior Advisory Consultants

Driving the evolution of financial wholesaling for senior advisor consultants of a top assets manager


Chart your combos

Great combos don't just work together they amplify each other's strengths, encourage each other to get better and serve as the foundation of extraordinary teams.

What we believe

We leverage forward-thinking developers, imaginative technologists, data researchers, engineers, interaction designers and business strategists – to name a few disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary teams work together to tackle whatever challenges our clients share with us. We flex and refresh our design approach to create human-centered services and experiences that suit.

pencil symbol in the middle of a gear

Elegant Simplicity

Design that wins hearts and minds is both beautiful, intuitive and invisible.

search symbol

Forever Curios

Our people and teams are cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-industry – and always exploring.

light bulb

Design never stops

Once it goes live, all design can be improved, if only you can understand how it's used in practice. We work with clients to optimize based on KPIs and real-time evaluation.

orange and blue thought bubble

Human-Centered and Logical

We start by aligning with the user to solve problems. Followed by analytical tools to blend data and creativity.

multiple hands

Playful and collaborative

We always start with a beginners mindset as we help our clients build their creative confidence. Our methods and workshops support vulnerability and are definetly casual in nature.

Services Web Design & Development

Design Services

Attract and convert new customers with modern, customized design work.

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