VIO’s new patient-centered site

The Challenge

Redesign the VIO Med Spa’s website to be more modern and patient-centric.

The Outcome

A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, as well as a redesigned giving platform, a private dashboard for peer to peer fundraising, and a suite of brand collateral.

VIO Med Spa was in need of a new digital home—one that emphasized health and wellness and a more welcoming tone to its patients.

The new franchise network wanted to create a beautiful platform that would make the process of finding and navigating the information easy and intuitive, one that prioritized the needs of it’s clients.

The VIO Med Spa site had outgrown its existing structure and needed an overhaul. Transitioning from a single location to a franchise network required a refreshed brand along with an overhauled infrastructure.

The objective was to design something that would simplify how people navigate the site, to make it easier for patients to find answers to common questions, and, in the process, build trust. An up-to-date, reliable platform, not only drove top-line revenue, it provided value to new franchisees.

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