Adapting an age-old payment method for modern times

The Challenge

Help design a venturing strategy and digital product that enables people to accumulate coins on a card while spending cash.

The Outcome

A refined brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels, as well as a redesigned giving platform, a private dashboard for peer to peer fundraising, and a suite of brand collateral.

Did you know that there is approximately 41 billion dollars worth of coins in circulation, with 12 billion being accumulated and the other 29 billion dollars worth of coins being exchanged in daily life.

The US Penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture while the US Dime costs 11.18 cents.

Picture this; you’ve just ordered your favorite sunrise sipper at your local coffee shop. The total comes to $2.06. You hand the clerk $3.00—immediately realizing you have the six cents in your pocket—or so you thought. You quickly dig in your pocket to realize that the coins must have fallen out. Now, not only have you held up the check out line at your local coffee spot, you have an additional nine coins clanking around in your pocket equating to 94 cents. Intellicoin enabled users to disregard the piggy banks and change filled cup holders. This coin collecting innovation is a cloud-based software application coupled with a card that fits in your wallet, allowing you to save and spend your “loose change” in real-time without the hassle of carrying coins.

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Embedded as core team members, designers worked alongside technologists, visual communicators, and patent attorneys to shape the company. In just one year, they went from an initial concept and prototype to a complete patent application and a fully developed business model, a digital platform with initial investors, and well-defined branding that set the look and feel of the values-driven company. Working to ensure that the fintech startup would have the creative talent it needed to operate post-launch, as well as a defined culture that would help it grow.

Case Study Invesco Senior Advisory Consultants

Driving the evolution of financial wholesaling for senior advisor consultants of a top assets manager


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