A Selection of Case Studies

Together, we innovate. We understand what works.

Tools Design Research and Insights

Design Research and Insights

Big Question Bill Bishilany

Reimagining learning after the COVID-19 Pandemic

How might we help teachers, parents, and students adapt to home learning?

Project CPR Cell Phone Repair

How design research & insights sparked innovation for CPR, The nation’s oldest & largest mobile repair franchise

Case Study Intellicoin

Adapting an age-old payment method for modern times

Case Study Pouchr

Rethinking how families experience baby food

Project CPR Cell Phone Repair

A blueprint for resurrecting a small, untrusted, mobile repair franchise

Now with over 800 retail locations, CPR remains the oldest and largest mobile repair franchise.

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Case Study Invesco Senior Advisory Consultants

Driving the evolution of financial wholesaling for senior advisor consultants of a top assets manager


Chart your combos

Great combos don't just work together they amplify each other's strengths, encourage each other to get better and serve as the foundation of extraordinary teams.

Case Study Community Service Alliance

Reimagining what it means to support a nonprofit taking on homelessness

Case Study VIO Med SPA

VIO’s new patient-centered site

Tools Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

business tool symbol

Design as a business tool?

When people ask us what we do, it goes something like this “We find innovative ways for companies to transform and grow.” We think a lot about the intangible parts of creating a new service or experience. How do we make money? Who do we partner with? What resources do we need to begin?

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Want to partner with Mileage?

We work with companies seeking growth, influence, and the ability to design and build the next wave of services and experiences.

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Capabilities Service Design

Service Design

We offer imaginative design solutions for planning and organizing systems of people, processes, and products. Applying human-centered and UX thinking, we can build better touchpoints, experiences, and services. With service design, we create When work feels like conducting an conceptual framework to solve open-ended problems.

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