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Together, we innovate. We understand what works.

Tools Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

We help clients separate themselves from the field and grow their businesses by designing experiences that shape strong customer relationships. Blending human-centered design with analytical rigor, we understand both what customers do, and why they do it.

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Who we Are

When you combine various perspectives, analytical rigor, and human-centered principles, you can transform insights into sustainable growth.

At Mileage, we have the chance to create the world we want to live in – one that drives us forward, one that works with us and for us. We’re energized by rethinking how things operate every day. There’s always another way to think about things, and we make it our business to find it. We approach every project within a three phase framework— Learn, Think, Make.

Some clients prefer to collaborate with Mileage on all three phases, while others may only need us for one or two. Out flexible approach allows us to work all types of teams, ranging from startups and fortune 500 companies.

How we do it

We use the power of our combined capabilities (Mileage) to engage our clients’ challenges. Some clients are already flourishing and eager to expand their brand or squeeze maximum impact from new opportunities. Some want new experiences or services that they can deliver to customers quickly. Some ask us to help drive profitable growth as sales begin to flatten. Some seek to improve their customers’ experience of existing services. Others are after an innovative idea that will allow them to grow into a new category.

Whatever the challenge, we have the capabilities and experience to help. As a team with backgrounds in design, engineering, business, and other core competencies, we’re in a unique position to transform organizations on a considerable scale.

So how do we help? In three critical ways:


Learning: Research

We dedicate ourselves to understanding our clients and their world. We listen, learn, and transform design research into valuable insights and solutions.

Thinking: Design-led strategy

We drive business value by pivoting your service, product, or company, with people held firmly at the core. Through a design-led strategy, we can help to frame why it’s valuable to make such a change, who for, and how the innovation it will make money.

Making: Design

We tailor and design services and experiences that clarify the complex for consumers and internal teams, and that work across multiple points of interaction. We create or recreate services and experiences themselves, and we design how they interact with customers and your ecosystem.

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Design as a business tool?

When people ask us what we do, it goes something like this “We find innovative ways for companies to transform and grow.” We think a lot about the intangible parts of creating a new service or experience. How do we make money? Who do we partner with? What resources do we need to begin?

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Want to partner with Mileage?

We work with companies seeking growth, influence, and the ability to design and build the next wave of services and experiences.

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Capabilities Service Design

Service Design

We offer imaginative design solutions for planning and organizing systems of people, processes, and products. Applying human-centered and UX thinking, we can build better touchpoints, experiences, and services. With service design, we create When work feels like conducting an conceptual framework to solve open-ended problems.

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Tools Organizational Activation

Organizational Activation


Chart your combos

Great combos don't just work together they amplify each other's strengths, encourage each other to get better and serve as the foundation of extraordinary teams.

Tools Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

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Design Research and Insights

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Venture Design